Bison Residential Basketball Systems Are Not
Warranted for Non-Residential Use
Only with Bison do you have over 30 options for your home basketball court. Compare safe play area, backboard size, backboard material and system warranties to choose the Bison system that is perfect for your family and fits your budget. Bison is the only manufacturer that includes player safety pole padding with every system.

Glossary and Terms
Understanding what you’re buying is key to getting the right basketball system for your home. Bison uses the following terms to help point out key features and differences on our systems.

Safe Play Area As the name implies, the greater the safe play area the greater the player safety during aggressive play. Safe play area is the distance from the face of the backboard to the pole. On a competition indoor court the distance from the face of the backboard to the out-of-bounds line is 48”. Safe play area is particularly important on systems that are regularly lowered for slam dunk action.

SafeStuff™ Only Bison includes a pole pad with every residential system. We call this feature SafeStuff because we don’t think player safety should be optional.

DuraSkin® In the late 1980’s Bison developed a dense molded bolt-on backboard padding system that was durable for indoor or outdoor use. Often imitated, but never equalled, DuraSkin is available as an option on any rectangular backboard. Backboard padding is required at all levels of official college and high school play to protect players from backboard contact.

Direct Goal Mounting Backboard durability is virtually a non-issue on a Bison system due to the goal mounting system that effectively mounts the goal through the backboard and directly into the steel pole structure. There is almost no stress put on the backboard even during slam dunk action.

Flex Goal Bison flex goals are designed with many of the same durability features of our competition breakaway goals but require less pressure to release. This improves player safety and rim life. Flex goals will hold up in any climate.

Direct Bury This method of installing a pole system inserts the pole into the ground between 30" and 48" depending upon the size of the system. Concrete is placed around and in the bottom of the pole making the installation permanent. Ground sleeves are available for 4" direct bury poles to make removal possible.

Pedestal Base Mounting Many Bison systems have a mounting plate on the bottom of the pole that allows them to be bolted onto (and unbolted from) a poured foundation with protruding threaded bolts. This lets you easily take your investment with you when you move.

Powder Coated Finish Powder coating provides a finish that is far superior to a finish from a wet spray paint system. In addition to beauty and durability, powder coating is environmentally and employee friendly, without the hazardous waste and toxic fumes common with the wet paint process.

TruGlass™ Bison pioneered the use of actual tempered glass on residential basketball systems over 25 years ago. Over the years an ever increasing number of homeowners have recognized the superior rebound of TruGlass. Today Bison sells only TruGlass on most systems.

Smoked Backboard While clear glass or acrylic matches the look of gymnasium backboards, many homeowners like the curb appeal of tinted backboards that reduce glare and provide a contemporary look. Bison offers smoked backboards on most systems.

Acrylic Backboard While tempered glass is the norm in virtually every gymnasium in the country, home backboards have traditionally been constructed of clear acrylic, a plastic material, due to cost and other considerations. Acrylic provides the look but not the rebound of tempered glass.